What is Tally on Cloud?

Access Tally from any where, anytime,any device.

Tally Cloud is a service where your Tally and Data are provided to you as SaaS (Software as A Service) Model. It allows to use your own Tally License and access your Tally ERP from Cloud servers using any RDP client from any device.

People spend lots of money to host and maintain the Tally in premise: Hardware, Software Licenses, Backup, UPS, Storage. Get rid of everything, use any device to access Tally from Cloud Servers.


What you will get from "Tally on cloud"?

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Host Tally at Cloud of your choice

Choose cloud of your choice as per your business needs, Tally Data size, No of Users, Tally Usage. Even after hosting your Tally on cloud, you are still the owner of your Tally.

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Access any time

Once your Tally is hosted at remote location, any user of the company can access the Tally at any time without compromising the security and privacy.

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Always available. 99.99 % uptime

Modern cloud technology offers high availability. Additional, on demand fail over (Back up-restore) facility will be available. Your Tally is available 24 X 7.

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Fast and flexible

We propose most economic, modern, super-fast and flexible to scale on demand cloud infrastructure as per your business needs.

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Local or remote Backup

Scheduled backup facility is available. You can store your backup files at cloud or local PC or Hard drive …etc. as per your choice.

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Local and Network printer support

You can get the Print from Printer attached at the local PC or network printer.

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Access from any where in the world

Once your Tally is hosted at remote location, any user of the company can access the Tally from anywhere without compromising the security and privacy.

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User friendly

Tally has power of simplicity. That power is continuing even in case of Tally on cloud. Users can access the Tally as they normally access at their desktop or laptop.

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Integrate with any App

Even hosting Tally on remote server, integrate seamlessly with other modern technology to design the robust Tech Landscape to drive the growth.

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Seamless scalable

As per business growth or usage, Tally on cloud will be upscale or down scale. Provided, if you have opted the hosting plan with scalability.

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Access from any device

Mobile, Mac, Tab, Desktop, Laptop…. use any device to access the Tally on cloud.

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Your Data is always secure

Continuous backup facility safeguards you from any data lose. Backup will be stored at location of your choice.


Why Tally on Cloud?

Working remotely is an essential culture. Hosting Tally at cloud makes easy to access it from anywhere, any device. 

  • Easy upgrades
  • Productivity anywhere
  • Offsite data storage
  • No IT maintenance
  • Disaster assistance
  • Always available
  • Lower cost of ownership

Hardware & Software require for Tally on Cloud

Since 2011, success partner of the clients for Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Compliances, BI, Data solutions. 



• 4 Core Processor • 4GB RAM • 100GB SSD space • Storage for Backup



Windows 2016 onwards Operating System



• 100 GB Bandwidth per month • Static IP


Hosting option as your business needs


In House Hosting

If client is having a minimum hardware, software and other prerequisites as mentioned above, we can setup the Tally, so that all the remote users can access the Tally from anywhere.


Private Cloud

As per the Client’s need, we evaluate the cloud hosting providers like AWS, Azure, Google, other providers, and host the Tally at there.


Shared Cloud

We have our own hosting environment. We setup a Tally with all features as mentioned above and allow the users to access the Tally from anywhere.