Account Management


People have been using many accounting applications. But they are struggling with the complexity of the application, fulfilling the compliances, integration with other apps, application usage skills and knowledge for the application…etc.


Are you struggling with:

  • How many payables in current month?
  • How many receivables in current month?
  • What is my bank balance as of now?
  • What is my Tax liability now and on schedule date?
  • What is my monthly expenses?
  • Realtime intimation of dues, receivables to the users?
  • Printing of cheques?
  • Invoice formats?
  • Interest calculations?
  • Multi-currency?
  • ….and many more.


  • Training to staff on how to use Tally and Accounting together in business success.
  • To optimize the Tally usage by rightly configuring the Tally.
  • Flexible support to resolve your queries on way of Tally usage.
  • On demand customization of the Tally to resolve your challenges.
  • Readily available Tally Add-on to quick start.
  • Integrate Tally with your legacy application


  • Accuracy
  • Authenticate
  • Real time data
  • Simplicity of solution
  • Saves time